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Global warming is a global issue that requires global response. A global response that starts right from our homes. Common man can bring in a lot of change to the environment by doing simple things like switching off lights when not in use, switching to greener power, planting trees in surroundings, saving water and energy, rain water harvesting, using bio-degradable products instead of synthetic non biodegradable products, reducing usage of polluting carbon fossil fuels and increasing usage of bio-fuels, CNG or LPG, etc.
Everyone must feel or think how she/he can contribute in making this world a better place for all living beings. We all know that the Earth is getting warmer with each passing day. But we appease ourselves with the argument that the environment is changing on its own. 
Definitely there is global change in the environment, but we human beings are largely responsible for this global environment warming. We must stop this before it boils us all down.

So come and join us in protecting the environment. Be committed to reduce carbon foot prints on this earth. It’s never too late to start doing things.
Nothing much is lost, we can definitely halt and reverse the environmental degradation.
Let us all make a new beginning today.
Tobacco and Global Warming

Tobacco agriculture, cigarette manufacturing and smoking have heavy carbon footprints. Tobacco is one of the major contributor of global warming!!!
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