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Health is always our priority and we strive hard to dig into every consumer product that degrades people’s health with false claims. 

Health is not just about hospitals, X-rays, CT or MRI scans and medicines. Health is about quality of life and living. It leaves nobody indifferent. 
Health is everybody's concern. One’s health is in one’s own hands 

Health is not an event of concern of an individual. It is something that should be recognized as an event that demands international concern as a whole. It is because when an individual becomes unhealthy in any means it directly affects his/her family. Then the effect goes to nearest communities such as village, workplace and friends and then to the country. Most of the countries today are facing the problem of increasing cost for health. 

At the dawn of the next century we have to ensure that health issues emerge and remain as a major area of national and international concern and action. 
In today's global world no country can remain isolated or be prevented from the influence of other countries whether it is a matter of health, economy, culture, society or any.

We are living in a challenging times and health is naturally the most vital concern of all people.Through VReportU, we will raise awareness on key global health issues. 
Fake Diet Pills

You will lose money not weight with these weight loss pills, they can be dangerous to your health too. 
Possibily one day the companies who promote these pills will create a pill to live 100 years with false claims for their business growth.

Live Longer

The length and quality of your life depends on how we take care of our body. Everyday habits, or circumstances in our past, can influence how long and how well we'll live. 

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