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Windows10 Conclusion

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Windows 10 is a historic release for Microsoft, it has finally opened up a new Window to future of Personal computing making desktops and laptops as a right choice in the growing market of mobility.

By giving away Windows 10 for free Microsoft is sacrificing the money it would get from those who would pay for upgrades, but in return they are converting Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 users into the unified base of Windows 10. Moreover all future upgrades to Windows 10 will be Free. 

No wonder, Microsoft Windows Operating system still holds over 95% of desktop market share. Microsoft's free upgrade strategy for Windows 10 during the first year of release is paying off, as Windows 10's market share continues to steadily climb. 

With Windows 10, Microsoft is creating a Windows ecosystem by moving beyond desktop and mobile devices to Internet of Things (IoT). Microsoft has released a new edition of Windows that can run on Raspberry Pis and other similar devices. What’s more, Microsoft has made this edition available for free to play around with.

Windows 10 is very fast to launch applications, and is more stable. Not only have they fixed things, but they added many useful features as well.

I have spent a considerable amount of time with Windows 10 from last few weeks. All my existing applications and devices are working without any trouble after the upgradation. This saves lot of time by not reloading them and licensing them again.

First time, I have felt that upgrade is better option than reinstalling the OS. I am now running the Windows 10 OS in 3 PCs and a Laptop all without any major issues.

The new look to Windows 10 is keeping in line with Microsoft's minimalist, clean and high contrast approach to UI design. Text pops and the thin fonts with wire-frame icons give the OS a very modern look.

By working closely with even passionate developers and giving away software, Microsoft is certainly taking a different approach this time.
Microsoft is encouraging makers to build security systems, automated lighting controls, and other connected gadgets on Windows 10.

In short span Windows 10 will surely turn the Android and iOS users to switch to windows based devices to maximize the productivity and performance.

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